ministers of care

Ministers of Care bring Communion to the sick of the parish who are confined to their home or in the hospital. After attending a six-week Archdiocesan training program, each Minister of Care supports one or two parishioners through their illness, visiting them according to a schedule that the Minister of Care and the parishioner agree upon. Since the hospitals do not notify the parish automatically when a parishioner is admitted to the hospital, and due to the length of stay of a person in the hospital, a member of the parish, or in some cases, a Minister of Care, will try to visit the parishioner in the hospital if the family of the parishioner informs the parish of the hospital stay sufficiently in advance. 

     If you or a loved one is homebound and would like to discuss having a Minister of Care assist you in receiving Communion, please call the Parish Office at 708-403-0101.