Volunteer Opportunities

We are looking for Catholics that feel called to serve the Church's youth in their development towards adulthood. Our Youth Ministry program is only as strong as the support it receives. If you're interested in helping on a weekly basis, then contact Youth Coordinator: Kyle Groves by email or phone. Kyle.groves@steseton.com; 708-403-0101 x105.

All individuals working with people considered minors must be trained under Virtus and maintained the monthly online bulletins through Virtus. More information for Virtus is located below.

Currently looking for individuals to act as:

Small Group Leaders

These individual help organize weekly drop-in/faith night activities, lead discussion amongst groups of teens on the evening topic and give witness proclaims to personal encounters with Christ.


Chaperones are needed for various opportunities throughout the year, such as National Conference for Young Catholic (NCYC), Retreats, Lock-ins, field trips, and summer mission trips.


Coaches are needed throughout the year for leading youth in various sporting activities such as Basketball, Volleyball, and Softball.

Virtus Training

A schedule of VIRTUS training opportunities, along with online registration for these sessions, can be found at: http://www.virtusonline.org/virtus/reg_list2.cfm?theOrgID=18958&theme=0

Additional information, requirements, and applications can be found on the Archdiocese of Chicago website: http://www.archchicago.org/departments/safe_environment/compliance.shtm