Mrs. Blaisdell's Homework page

Due 4-9-18:  Discuss Session 21 with your parents. Complete your Lenten Activities

                        Board. Bring it to class on April 9. Have a blessed and happy Easter!

Due 3-19-18:  Discuss Session 20 with your parents. Continue working on your

                           Lenten Activities. Bring the Activity Board to class next week.

Due 3-12-18:  Discuss Session 19 with Mom and Dad. Go over Session 20 about

                           Lent and Holy Week with an adult. During Lent you will be working on

                           your Lenten Activities. Follow the directions in your folder and return

                           your activity board on March 12. We will continue working on it until


Due 2-5-18:    1. Review Session 17 with Mom and Dad.

                          2. Write a story about your Baptism. Include where you were baptized, 

                               the names and relationships of your Godparents, what you wore, 

                               what you did when the priest was performing the sacrament, etc.

                          3. We will share our stories during our next R.E. class.

Due 1-22-18:  Review Session 16 with Mom and Dad. Complete the Session 16

                           Assessment. Think of God each day. Practice your Our Father and Hail


Due 1-8-18:  Complete the calendar and the rest of "Gifts from the Jesse Tree." 

                        Return to Religious Education on January 8, 2018. Merry Christmas!

Due 12-11-17:  Complete your calendar and pages 8-13 from "Gifts from the Jesse

                             Tree" Bring these to school on December 11.

Due 12-4-17:    Complete the calendar page and pages from Gifts from the Jesse

                             Tree, pages 4 through 7. Return this to class on December 4.

Due 11-27-17:  Keep practicing the Our Father. Share Session 11 with Mom and

                             Dad. Complete the "I am thankful for..." paper and return it to class

                             on 11-27-17. Think of God each day.

Due 11-13-17:  Share today's lesson with your family. Complete the Art Print

                             worksheet for Session 9 in your book on page 221.

Due 11-6-17:     Discuss today's lesson with Mom and Dad. Practice saying the Our

                              Father at least once each day. Complete the Our Father chart. Color

                              in a letter or space each time you say the Our Father. Return this

                              page to class on 11-6-17.

Due 10-30-17:   Discuss what you learned about God the Father. Finish coloring your

                              "Our Father" booklet.

Due 10-23-17:   Share what we learned in class about the Holy Family. Draw a

                              picture of each member of your family, tell who they are, and why

                              you are thankful for them.

Due 10-16-17:   Keep practicing the Sign of the Cross. Share today's lesson and

                              Trinity triangle with Mom and Dad. Discuss the Art Print in this

                              week's lesson and complete page 216 in your workbook.

Due 10-2-17:     Share your heart and paper chain with your family. Discuss how God

                              the Father loves us. Complete the worksheet in your folder for

                              Session 3 and return it to class next week.

Due 9-25-17:     Continue practicing the Sign of the Cross and complete the

                              worksheet in your folder. Give your coin away to someone who is

                              kind to you and remind them to pass it on. Think of God and all His


Due 9-18-17:     Discuss your First Grade R.E. letter with an adult. Show them    
                              your bag, folder, cross, and letter. At the bottom of the letter are

                              the words SIGN OF THE CROSS (written twice). Each time you

                              recite the Sign of the Cross with an adult, color in a letter. The

                              goal is to practice 4 or 5 times a day,so you learn one way to

                              begin your prayers or activities. Return the chart to the

                              September 18 class.