Mrs. Lloyd's homework page

Due 11-27-17:  

Due 11-27-17:  Please practice saying the Lord's Prayer , the Hail Mary, and the

                             Glory Be to the Father each day for the intention of our Pope,  

                             Francis, as well as the whole of our Church.

Due 11-13-17:  On a separate sheet of paper, write a letter to the Holy Spirit. Write

                             2 paragraphs.


                             First, write to the Holy Spirit asking for guidance and also giving

                             thanks. "Please give me the courage to..." or "Thank you for..." are

                             ways to begin putting your thoughts on paper.

                             And for the second paragraph, tell the Holy Spirit how you plan to

                             become a more active participant in your faith and your parish as you

                             make your way toward Confirmation.

                             Please bring your letter back to class next week.

Due 11-6-17:  Please complete both sides of the Session 8 Assessment and be

                           prepared to discuss at our next class.

Due 10-30-17:  Before the next session, review Session 7 with your family and

                             complete the "With My Family" section on page 44. Remember to

                             count all of your many blessings!

Due 10-23-17:  Complete the Session 6 Assessment and bring it back to class next

                             week, ready to discuss.

Due 10-16-17:  Please complete the "We Depend on One Another" activity and be

                             prepared to discuss in small groups to whom you gave each thank

                             you note.

Due 10-2-17:  Complete the online Interactive Session Review for Session 3. Go to

                           https: // and click on Faith Formation Programs. 

                           Then click on Family Resources, then Grade 5. Under Unit 1, find

                            Session 3 and click on Interactive Session Review. Check out the

                            "study Guide" link to REVIEW first!. Please email your results to me at

                            the end of the assessment:

Due 9-25-17:  Complete the Session 2 Assessment at home over the week.

Due 9-18-17:  Review Session 1 and complete the "With My Family" section on

                           page 8 of your Finding God textbook.