mrs. pluhar's homework page

Due 4-9-18:  1. Complete the Session 21 Assessment.

                        2. Discuss the "Pray in the Morning" picture.

Due 3-19-18:  1. Complete the Session 19 Assessment.

                           2. Read "With My Family" with your parents.

Due 3-12-18:  1. Complete the Session 18 Assessment.

                           2. Practice your "Before" and "After" Meal Prayers.

                           3. Follow your Lenten Calendar and complete each daily activity.

Due 2-5-18:  Complete the Session 17 Assessment. Find mementos or photos of your

                        Baptism and discuss these with your parents.

Due 1-22-18: Complete the Session 16 Assessment and the Session 16 worksheet, "Gifts

                         of the Sacraments."

Due 1-8-18:  1. Tell your family about your "I Love God" booklet.

                        2. Complete the Session 14 Assessment.

Due 12-11-17:  1. Complete the Session 13 Assessment.

                             2. Discuss ways your family can be kind in the community. We discussed

                                  Acts of Kindness in class.

Due 12-4-17:    1. Discuss the Trinity at home with your family.

                             2. Complete the Session 12 Assessment page.

Due 11-27-17:  1. Complete the Session 11 Assessment page.

                             2. Read "With My Family" on page 68  and initial each activity you

                                 complete as a family.

Due 11-13-17:  1. Complete the Session 9 Assessment page.

                             2. Read through the "With My Family" section on page 56.

Due 11-6-17:    1. Review the Our Father.

                             2. Have your child write a line from the Lord's Prayer on paper and draw  

                                  a picture showing what the words mean.

Due 10-30-17:  1. Complete the homework sheet.

                             2. Discuss different kinds of prayer with your family.

                             3. Read "With My Family" on page 44 and choose one activity to do at

                                 home. Parents should initial the page.

Due 10-23-17:  1. Complete the Session 6 worksheet.

                             2. Practice the Sign of the Cross.

Due 10-16-17:  1. Give your card to a family member.

                             2. Discuss your "Peaceful Day" poster with your family.

                             3. Read the "With My Family" section of the chapter with your family.

Due 10-2-17:    1. Give heart cards to your family members.

                             2. Practice the Sign of the Cross.

                             3. Draw a picture of God's Love in your family and bring it to class next


Due 9-25-17:    1. What My Church Looks Like - Draw our church. What does the

                                 church look like from where you sit at Mass? What is your favorite

                                 part of Mass?

                             2. Pick one of the "With My Family" activities in Chapter 2 to do at


                             3. Practice the Sign of the Cross.

Due 9-18-17:    1. Please practice the Sign of the Cross with your family.

                             2. Find God 's creation in nature. Bring a list of at least 3 ways you found

                                 God in nature, or draw a picture of 3 ways you found God in nature.