ms. eglar's homework page

Due 4-9-18:  1. Ask your family, "Think about your special gifts from God. How do you

                            share these gifts with others?"

                        2. Complete the Session 21 worksheet.

                        3. List 3 things you've learned about each of the following sacraments: 

                            Baptism, Reconciliation, Eucharist, Confirmation, and Anointing of the


Due 3-19-18:  1. Ask your family, "What first step can you take to bring healing to your


                          2. Use a dictionary to define the word "virtue" and write out the definition.

                          3. What are your three best virtues? List 3.

Due 3-12-18:  1. Complete the Session 18 worksheet.

                           2. Read Session 19.

                           3. Complete the Session 19 worksheet.

                           4. Review Sessions 18 and 19 so you are prepared for a sacraments game!

Due 2-5-18:  1. Ask your family, "In what ways can we offer hope to those in need?"

                        2. Complete the worksheet, "Identify the Message."

                        3. What does the word "Initiation" mean? Use the word in a sentence.

Due 1-22-18:   1. Complete the Session 14 worksheet  - "Mark the Mark." 

                           2. Complete the Session 16 assessment. 

                           3. Think of 1 or 2 social action groups and explain what it is or does to

                                help it's cause (think about groups in you school, community, parish).

Due 12-11-17:  1. Ask your family, "How can we work as a family to be the Church for


                             2. Complete the worksheet, "Why Do We Proclaim?"

                             3. What is the purpose of the Church?

Due 12-4-17:    1. Ask your family, "What is your favorite way to talk to God?"

                             2. Complete the worksheet, "Vocabulary Scramble."

                             3. What activities have you seen in our parish that proclaim Jesus' 


Due 11-27-17:  1. Ask your family, "If you saw someone discriminating against another

                                 person, what would you do?"

                             2. Complete the worksheet, "Prayer for Your Priest."

                             3. What is prayer to you?

Due 11-13-17:  1. Ask your family, "What can you do to ensure you make choices that

                                 improve your relationship with God?"

                             2. Complete the Session 9 worksheet, "Following God's Instructions."

                             3. What is your "safe" or "happy" place and why?

Due 11-6-17:    1. Ask your family, "In what ways can you show your trust in God?" 

                             2. Complete the worksheet, "Living the Ten Commandments."

                             3. Who is your biggest role model and ?

Due 10-30-17:  1. Ask your family, "What is one thing you could sacrifice to help a

                                 person in need?"

                             2. Complete the worksheet, "Moses, Passover, and the Eucharist."

                             3. Think about a family trip. What did you enjoy the most? What

                                  difficulties did you and your family encounter on the trip?

Due 10-23-17:  1. Ask your family, "What are some events in your life that show God is


                             2. Complete the worksheet, "Consequences Story."

                             3. What is the Eucharist?

Due 10-16-17:  1. Ask your family, "When you are worried about friends, school, or

                                 family, what can you do to show that you put your trust in God?"

                             2. Complete the worksheet, "Exploring the Meaning of Trust."

                             3. List 5 ways you can bring good into the world.

Due 10-2-17:  1. Ask your family, "If you were to draw a picture or illustrate God's mercy, 

                               what would it look like?"

                           2. Complete the worksheet, "Personal Covenant."

                           3. How do you feel after completing a difficult task? Are you ever

                                rewarded? How?

Due 9-25-17:  1. Ask your family, "If you had to name your three favorite things that

                              God created, what would they be?"

                           2. Complete the worksheet, "Understanding Prejudice."

                           3. Who comes to mind when you think about trust and why?

Due 9-18-17:  1. Ask your family, "What is your favorite Bible verse, and why do you like


                           2. Complete the worksheet, "Test Your Bible Knowledge."

                           3. List 5 examples of how you care about God's creation.