mrs. lester's grade 8 homework page


Chapter 8 in the Confirmed in the Spirit textbook is due March 19,

as well as Section 8 in the Confirmed in the Spirit Journal. 

There will be a Chapter 8 Assessment on March 19.

Due 3-12-18:  1. Review Confirmed in the Spirit Chapter 8.

                           2. Select one of the 7 Catholic Social Teachings on page 190 of your

                                Finding God book. Look through newspapers and/or magazines to find

                                an example of people living out the teaching. Bring the example to the

                                next class.

                           3. Using the "Budget Basics" worksheet that was handed out in class, 

                                make a monthly budget for someone on minimum wage. On a separate

                                piece of paper answer the following questions:

                                                               1. Can a person in your area who makes the minimum wage live comfortably? Why or why not?

                                                               2. What do you think is an appropriate living wage for your area?

                                                               3. Why is it important for people to make a living wage?

Due 1-22-18:  Complete page 166 in Finding God, "What's What."

Due 1-8-18:  Be ready for the Chapter 7 Assessment (see above).

Due 12-11-17:  Complete pages 75-80 in Confirmed in the Spirit.

Due 12-4-17:  Imagine yourself from God's point of view. Write a description of yourself

                          "through God's eyes". Begin with these words: When I look at my beloved

                           child (insert your name), I see.....................................................

Due 11-13-17:  Review Confirmed in the Spirit, Chapter 6, for the Assessment.

Due 11-6-17:  Do pages 70-71 in Confirmed in the Spirit.

Due 10-30-17:  Using your Confirmation name, write an acrostic poem that tells how you

                             share God's peace and love with others. Be prepared to present at our

                             next session. Review pages 66-69 in Confirmed in the Spirit.

Due 10-23-17:  Review pages 63-65 of Chapter 6 in Confirmed in the Spirit.

Due 10-16-17: Review Chapter 5 in Confirmed in the Spirit for the Assessment on 10-16.

Due 9-25-17:    Read Chapter 5, pages 49-52, in Confirmed in the Spirit.

Due 9-18-17:    Before our next session, ask at least one person, "Did you talk to God                                  today?"

                              Be ready to discuss the following at our next session:

                               -  Who did you ask?

                               -  When did you ask?

                               -  Where were you when you asked?

                               -  What did this person say and how did this person react?

                               -  Why did you ask "that" person?