Mrs. panfil's HOMEWORK PAGE

Due 3-12-18:  1. Complete the Session 18 Assessment.

                           2. Complete the "With My Family" activity: What gives you comfort

                                when you are sad or sick? Please write your answer on your

                                homework assignment page.

                            3. Complete the Session 20 Assignment sheet.

                            4. Complete the Session 20 worksheet, "Turn Away From Sin."

Due 2-5-18:  1. Complete the Session 17 Assessment.

                        2. Complete the "Share a Special Meal With My Family" activity on page

                            104 under the heading "With My Family." No written work is required

                            for this, but we will talk about it in our next class.

                         3. Write the definition for compassion on your homework assignment


Due 1-22-18: Complete the Session 16 Assessment. Write the Act of Contrition

                          prayer 2 times on your homework assignment page (the prayer can be

                          found on page 96 of your Finding God workbook). Please complete

                          one Family Activity on page 98 (no written work required for the

                          Family Activity).

Due 1-8-18:  1. Read Session 15 "Celebrating Christmas" in your Finding God

                             workbook, pages 87 through 90. Be sure to complete pages 88, 89, 

                             and 243.

                         2. Complete one family activity found on page 90 (no written work

                              required for this activity).

Due 12-11-17:  1. Complete the Session 13 Assessment.

                             2. Complete one "With My Family" activity found on page 80. No

                                 written work is required.

Due 12-4-17:     1. Complete the Session 12 Assessment. 

                             2. Do the Family Prayer on page 74.

Due 11-27-17:  1. Complete the Session 11 Assessment. Remember to write your

                                 name on the top of the paper.

                             2. Read Session 10 "Celebrating Advent" in your Finding God

                                  workbook (pages 57-60). Complete page 58 "Prepare the Way."

Due 11-13-17:  1. Complete the Session 9 Assessment.

                             2. Complete one activity from "With My Family" on page 56 (no

                                  written answers required for the family activity).

Due 11-6-17:  1. Complete the Session 8 Assessment.

                           2. Complete "With My Family" on page 50 in your textbook. Finish the

                                activity by telling me how you feel after you recite this prayer of

                                fundamental Catholic beliefs in one or two sentences.

Due 10-30-17:  1. Review "Words I Learned" - Sermon on the Mount

                             2. Complete the Session 7 Assessment.

                             3. Complete the "With My Family" activity on page 44. 

                             4. Select a Beatitude activity and write about your activity. Please

                                 remember to write your name on it.

Due 10-23-17:  1. Please read pages 27-30 (Session 5, Celebrating Ordinary Time) in

                                 your Finding God workbook.

                             2. Complete the Session 6 Assessment. Remember toi write your

                                  name on the sheet!

Due 10-16-17:  1. Review pages 21-26 in your Finding God textbook. 

                             2. Please complete page 23, "Examination of Conscience," and page

                                  25, "A Helping Hand," if you  did not finish in class.

                             3. Choose one of the "With My Family" activities on page 26 to

                                  complete at home. No written work required!

Due 10-2-17:  1. As a reminder, please remember to bring all your supplies to class

                               each week.

                           2. Review pages 15-20 in your Finding God workbook.

                           3. Complete "Using Our Free Will" on page 19 in your Finding God

                                workbook. Please answer #1, 2, and 3 in your workbook.

                            4. Choose one "With My Family" activity on page 20 and write down

                                 which activity you did and how it made you feel--happy or sad. 

                                 Turn this in.

Due 9-25-17:  Complete the worksheet, "Gifts From God."  Complete your project

                           to do one nice thing for one family member. Write down what your

                           good deed was and how it made you feel on the sheet provided.

Due 9-18-17:  Complete the worksheet, "Who Am I", at home and return this to

                           class on September 18. Please remember to write your name and

                           date at the top of the page.