Mrs. schereck's HOMEWORK PAGE

Due 11-27-17:  Complete the Session 11 Assessment.

Due 11-13-17:  Do one "With My Family" activity on page 56.

Due 11-6-17:  Complete the Session 8 Assessment. Also, do one "With My Family" 

                           activity on page 50 in the blue box.

Due 10-30-17:  With your family, sing the song using the worksheet, "Singing of Love."  

                             Also, choose one activity to complete from "With My Family" on page


Due 10-23-17:  Complete the worksheet, "My Own Parables."

Due 10-16-17:  Complete the worksheet, "An Angel's Visit."

Due 10-2-17:   Complete the worksheet, "Praying to God Our Father," and do "With My

                            Family" on page 20 in your textbook.

Due 9-25-17:   Complete the worksheet, "Love Bug," at home.

Due 9-18-17:   Complete the worksheet, The Apostle's Creed, at home and return this to

                           class on September 18. On page 8 in your book, choose one or more of

                           the "With My Family" activities to do at home.