MRs. serpe's homework page

Due 4-9-18: Compete the Session 21 Assessment.

Due 3-19-18:  Compete the Session 19 Assessment.

Due 3-12-18:  1. Complete the Session 18 Assessment.

                           2. Write a short paragraph on what you are giving up for Lent. Keep track

                               on a sheet of paper how you did each week in keeping this intention.

Due 2-5-18: Complete the Session 17 Assessment.

Due 1-22-18: Complete the Session 16 Assessment.

Due 1-8-18: Complete the Session 14 Assessment. 

Due 12-11-17:  Complete the Session 13 Assessment.

Due 12-4-17: Complete the Session 12 Assessment.

Due 11-27-17: Complete the Session 11 Assessment.

Due 11-13-17:  Complete the Session 9 worksheet, "Paschal Mystery."

Due 11-6-17:  Complete the Session 8 Assessment.

Due 10-30-17:  Choose an activity from "With My Family" on page 44 and write about

                             which one you did and how it turned out. This should be turned in at the

                             next session.

Due 10-23-17:  Complete the Session 6 Assessment. Also, complete the worksheet, "My

                             Own Parables" if not finished in class.

Due 10-16-17:  Complete the Session 4 Assessment. Also, if the "An Angel's Visit" 

                             worksheet was not completed in class, please complete it at home.

Due 10-2-17:   Complete the worksheet, "Praying to God Our Father," if not completed in

                            class. Also complete the Session 3 Assessment.

Due 9-25-17:   Complete the Session 2 Assessment at home and return it to the next


Due 9-18-17:   Complete the worksheet, The Apostle's Creed, at home and return this to

                            class on September 18.